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which areas are good for singles

communities that are dog friendly

places with lots of entertainment options

old and charming neighborhoods

the best areas for you based on your lifestyle

Here's How

1. Introduce Yourself

First introduce yourself by answering a few basic questions about your lifestyle so we can get to know you a little better. This will help us find the areas best for you.

2. Get custom results

Next we'll send you an email outlining which areas of Orlando best suit you. Think of it as personalized neighborhood matchmaking.

3. Find your new home

Now that you know which neighborhoods in Orlando are best for you, use that knowledge during your home search. Save time by focusing in on those areas.

4. Explore your new city

Lastly, ask us any questions you have about Orlando and become acquainted before the big move. Ask us about the top late night spots, most dog friendly areas and much more.

Moving to a new city can be tough and confusing. Let Sensarie cut through the hassle and help you find areas that fit your lifestyle, no matter what that is.